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Moderator / Producer

Wayne Davis

Wrapping up his fourth term as President of The Dallas Bears, Wayne is a Texas Bear Round-Up fixture. Over the years he has served in many capacities but most notable amongst them is having been the TBRU Treasurer, the Director of Registration, a Producer and for the past several years, he has been the Moderator overseeing the entire team of volunteers.

Tenured is not the same as old. Wayne loves the work he does with TBRU and most of all he loves all the people from all over the world he has had the good fortune to meet through the years.​

Director On-Line Registration / Director Activites & Excursions / Coordinator Volunteers & Scheduling

Nino Ciraulo

Currently serving his second term as Vice President of the Dallas Bears, Nino has been a longtime planning team member with Texas Bear Round-Up. He's held a number of positions including being a Director and Producer. But he is best known for having led the charge when it comes to our on-line registration process. This year finds him volunteering as a Director of both On-Line Registration and Activities and Excursions. Nino is also the man behind our customer service email.

Way back in the day (long before any of today's meet up apps ever existed and you had to connect your computer to a dial-up modem), Nino introduced the "You've Got Mail" social gathering. Using AOL screen names, guests would write notes to other guests and place them in their mailbox posted on a large board. Nino would call out "screen name You've Got Mail". It was a fun activity for guys to meet their online friends in person. TBRU - bringing hookups together since the beginning of time.

Producer / Secretary / Director On-Line Registration

Robert De Veau

Secretary for the Dallas Bears Board of Directors, this is Robert's first year on the TBRU executive team. In addition to capturing the minutes at the planning meetings, he is also one of this year's Producers and the Director of On-Line Registration. This is his 3rd TBRU having also served as a volunteer and as a Team Leader in the Hospitality Suite.

Robert recalls when Donna Summer wore a yellow cotton dress foaming like a wave on the ground around your knees; Diana Ross was so right, so right, thought I could turn emotion on and off and Gloria Gaynor thought I never could live without you by my side.

Producer / Director Entertainment

Randy Flores

While currently serving as the Director of Charitable Events for the Dallas Bears, he is beyond excited to not only be this year's Director of Entertainment for TBRU, but also serving his first year as a Producer. Randy's been attending Texas Bear Round Up since 2016 and has volunteered in several roles.

In his free time, Randy enjoys going to the movies, making contributions at casinos and playing in a weekly trivia game at his neighborhood bar.

He can't wait to meet all the handsome men who make it out to The Best Little Bear-House in Texas! 

Director Hospitality Suite

Jeremi Glasper

Rounding up his first year as the Membership Director for the Dallas Bears Board of Directors, this is also Jeremi’s first year on the TBRU executive planning team. He’s returning as Hospitality Suite Director, a labor of love that he found thoroughly rewarding, as well as assisting with entertainment.

Jeremi thrives on the enjoyment of the participants and does his best to ensure that attendees are having a good time. This is Jeremi’s 4th TBRU and he intends to do all he can to make this one the best yet.

Director of Administration

Mike Henry

While not a stranger to Texas Bear Round-Up, Mike joined the Dallas Bears just 7 weeks before TBRU 23 and jumped right into the deep end of the pool. As an Assistant Producer, he provided supported handling those last minute details that come up during an event as large as TBRU.

This year, Mike is a Producer and continue to be an escalation point to ensure our guests have an amazing time at the Best Little Bear-House in Texas.

Producer / Director Sponsors & Donors / Director Advertising & Promotion

Rob Meade

Currently the Social Director on the Dallas Bears Board of Directors, Rob is a Texas Bear Round Up veteran. This year he returns as one of the TBRU Producers and the Director of Sponsors & Donors as well as the Director of Advertising & Promotions.

Over the years Rob has volunteered at TBRU as a Hospitality Suite Bartender, Staff Lounge Lead, Hospitality Lead and Hospitality Manager.

Rob has never visited 1260.

Director Treasury Services

Patrick Sweeney

Taking what he does best for the Dallas Bears as a 2 term Treasurer for the Board of Directors, Patrick also has the thankless job of watching the Texas Bear Round-Up purse strings. Perfectly content to remain behind the scenes and giving financial advice when needed, he has been there to guide the ship and keep everyone under budget. His constant admonishments to the planning team of “just because you have an expense budget doesn’t mean you can spend it if the income budget doesn’t match” will forever echo through the night. Even before joining the Dallas Bears as a member back in 2009, Patrick was slinging beers behind the bar of the TBRU Hospitality Suite.

He found his best friend some 10 years ago when he was building his current home. A neglected puppy had been left to roam the streets. Patrick scooped him up, gave him a bath and a soft bed to lay on and they've been inseparable since.