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Code of Conduct

The TBRU™ Code of Conduct is here to protect and ensure everyone has a favorable time at TBRU™.

All TBRU™ Attendees, Volunteers, and Crew:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age as of the start of the event

  • The primary outreach of this organization is to gay men, specifically the “Bear”
    Community, their admirers, and friends.  (Dallas Bears welcomes our Trans Brothers to be part of our organization).

  • This niche/affinity event is designed for the Gay Bear community, their admirers, friends, and allies.

  • Identification

    • Must provide a valid and unexpired government-issued photo ID (driver's license, state ID card) or Passport which provides a recognizable photo of you and clearly states your date of birth.

    • For our International guests, please provide your Passport.

    • If there is any doubt in determining your date of birth or age, the Dallas Bears may refuse your entry to the event.

  • Registrants who are unable to provide the required proof of age will not be allowed to receive their registration packet or attend the event, and will not receive a refund of registration or hotel fees.

  • TBRU™ Registrations are not transferable.

  • You are entirely responsible and liable for all activities conducted by you. 


 Instead of having a bunch of rules, we can keep it to just one.
The Golden Rule: 
“Treat others as you would want others to treat you.” 
Enough said.


Below are some, though not all, violations that may result in the refusal of your registration and/or removal from the event by members of the Dallas Bears, Texas Bear Round-Up™ Team, Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel, local bars, or other venues or agents acting on their behalf. 


By submitting your registration to Texas Bear Round-Up™, you agree to the following rules of conduct:

  • Will conduct yourself in a reasonable manner in public areas (Marijuana is not legal in Texas).

  • The use, possession, or sale of any illegal or illicit drug is a crime in the State of Texas

    • Violators at any TBRU™ event or activity, Hyatt Regency Dallas, local bar, or other facility will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      • The Hyatt Regency Dallas will press charges and evict you from the premises without warning or reimbursement of room fees and taxes.

      • Attendees found in violators will be permanently banned from attending TBRU™ or any Dallas Bear event. Note: This is not Amsterdam!! Please remember in Texas, ALL Illicit Drugs including marijuana are illegal under all conditions — public use or behind closed doors.

  • No public nudity (complete coverage of genitals and butt crack – jock straps do not satisfy this) - please consider that there will be non-attendees staying in the hotel, the Hyatt Regency Dallas or TBRU Staff may request you change your attire.

  • No solicitation for sex for payment, money, barter, or favors (also known as prostitution, escorting, etc…).

  • No unwelcome or unruly sexual advances to attendees or employees of hosting facilities. No means No!

  • No public urinating or defecating (eeeewwww!).

  • Keep public displays of affection respectable (there are tons of bedrooms to take your man/men to).

  • Responsible drinking of alcoholic beverages (public intoxication is illegal and is a misdemeanor offense punishable by arrest).

  • Resolve situations without the use of abusive, verbal, or physical confrontations.

  • Embrace and Celebrate Diversity - This is a safe place for all.

    • We are a group of many sizes, nationalities, and types of physical attributes including hair and skin, various ages and generations.

    • Respect federally protected health statuses - knowing that we have responsibilities and moral obligations and we strive to be stigma-free, we refrain from bullying and we call out injustice.

(1) Agree not to hold Dallas Bears or TBRU™, its officers, membership, guests, sponsors, volunteers, or any commercial establishment or its staff used in conjunction with this event responsible for any loss or injury either to their property or their person while participating in this event.


(2) Are fully responsible for any damages they may cause to the hotel property or commercial establishments used during this event.


(3) Are fully responsible for any guests that you allow onto the hotel property, including any damages caused to the property, until such person(s) leave(s) the property.

(4) Will not indulge in actions that could be considered discriminatory or racist.


(5) Will grant Dallas Bears, TBRU™, and anyone designated by such the right to use their likeness, image, voice, and appearance whether recorded on or transferred to videotape, film, slides, photographs, or other media, for publication, broadcast or use on the web. 


(6) It is further understood that this is a public event and that Dallas Bears, TBRU™ nor anyone can control people from making pictures public. Attendees should use good judgment, and discretion and respect people’s privacy before posting, tagging, or sharing pictures with other people or on social media sites. 


(7) Understand that the failure to follow any one of these guidelines is grounds for being escorted away from and/or being asked to leave the event without a refund of registration or hotel room fees.


Continued failure to comply may additionally result in being banned from future events.

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