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Mr. Tbru™ Contest

What is the Mr. TBRU™ Contest?

The Mr. TBRU™ contest is designed to be a fun and enjoyable event to enhance the overall Texas Bear Round-Up™
experience. This contest is not part of any circuit or preliminary. All types of men, self-defining as bears, cubs,
polar bears, admirers, chasers, and more have competed. If you are interested in being a contestant, be sure to
check the box when you register. If you’ve already registered and didn’t indicate your desire to enter the contest
or have any questions, please contact us via email at

The contest will be on Saturday night during the TBRU™ Family Dinner. Contestants will be served dinner prior to
the start of the contest.
Contest Divisions


Contest Titles Awarded:
TBRU™ Bear
TBRU™ Admirer

In addition, the contestants will vote amongst themselves to determine the Brother Bear award - known by his
peers as the most friendly, helpful, genuine, and outgoing contestant.


Contest Titleholder Prizes
Several prizes will be awarded along with the contest titles.
Various gift baskets
Cash/Gift Cards
TBRU™ Lanyard & Medallion
TBRU™ back patch|
Complimentary run pass for TBRU™ next year
Other prizes as they become available


Any registered TBRU™ attendee can enter the contest.
(Members of the Dallas Bears are ineligible to enter the contest).
See the information PDF for more details on eligibility.

Check the contest box during your event registration - or email the contest team at
Attend the Contestant Meeting on Friday night at 7:00 pm (check the final schedule for the room location)
Sell TBRU™ raffle tickets at an assigned point during the weekend.
Work with your fellow contestants in a positive manner.


Judged Categories
Contestants will be judged on a 1-10 scale in each judging category.
See the contest information PDF for details regarding categories.
The highest overall score will be the winner of each division. All contestants/finalists will be judged on a separate
ballot for the title of Mr. TBRU™.
All scoring will be monitored by a Tally Master and a member of the Dallas Bears Board of Directors to ensure
accuracy and fair practices.


Contestant & Titleholder Responsibilities
For contestant and Titleholder responsibilities and more detailed information please click on the link for the
Contest Info PDF.

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