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 Guy Branum Show Tickets



Hey everyone! We are aware that there are sold out dates when attempting to book a hotel. We are currently in talks with Connections Housing and the Hyatt to see if there is additional inventory to add and open some rooms up. 

For now, when reserving a hotel room, BOOK WHAT IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO BOOK and then send a message to our liaison with Connections Housing at . If more rooms become available, Connections will be the one to alter your reservation to the requested dates.


Our reservations go through a 3rd party site and Hyatt does not receive our information until a later date. Attempting to book directly with Hyatt will not be a part of the event room block and not at our locked in price.

Thank you for your patience and we'll update with more information as it becomes available.

Join Us for Texas Bear Round-Up 27

Complete Your Vaccinations, Get Boosted, and Join Us for Texas Bear Round-Up 27
*All attendees must have completed their COVID-19 vaccinations to attend. We also encourage Booster(s) as well.
Positive ID and Proof of vaccination are required to enter the TBRU event area.   Details in Registration FAQ and Registration site.

TBRU 27: 7 Deadly Sins
March 16-19, 2023

The Premier Bear Run In Texas!   

Check out all you get!

Giving Back to the Community

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